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Nutrition Coaching

Weight loss can be a difficult process and some may feel demotivated when they try to lose weight and do not achieve their weight loss objective. Our head nutrition coach is trained in the field with many years’ experience in the United Kingdom helping clients with nutrition support, weight reduction and designing speciality therapeutic diets. Our nutrition coaching package includes a holistic approach; we look at your present diet and provide you with practical advice on how to make adjustment to your diet to help support weight loss. We also use our strong consultation skills to help motivate you. We understand the cycle of change and environmental factors that are associated with loss. In our coaching plan, we provide you with tips on how to deal with certain barriers tailored to each individual needs. We strongly feel that it is extremely difficult to achieve weight loss without support. We do not use clinical assessment such as blood results or provide advice on weight reduction drugs. We work in a community setting and we reach people all over the world we feel that strong network and support in this setting helps to provide a benefice effect on weight loss. Healthy eating and support is our primary goal to help you maintain weight loss. Overweight is associated with various comorbidities such as diabetes, heart disease and infertility. You are in the driver seat, ‘take the step to make a change’ we are here for you!