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Corporate Chair Massage

Chair Massage provides relaxation to tense muscles. Our chair massage package was designed with knowing that stress, poor office ergonomics and other factors contribute to pain mainly in the neck shoulder and back at work.

The benefits of corporate chair massage are enormous to employees and employers. This includes:

  1. Helps employees to reduce stress and anxiety
  2. Reduce pain from tense muscles
  3. Improve staff moral
  4. Enhance creative thinking
  5. Improve quality of sleep which can significantly impact on staff performance
  6. Lowers the risk of staff absenteeism
  7. Lowers blood pressure and improve overall health

We encourage you to help promote wellness at work. Providing chair massage to your staff will let them feel that you care about their health. This small investment can also prevent staff form taking time off work. Financial losses are associated with your business when staffs are unproductive.

We know that corporate clients are busy so we come to you at your site with our high-quality massage chairs and all the materials that are needed. Proper hygiene for chair massage is a key component during the session. We value your business and we will treat your staff with special care. Our chair massage team will pamper your staff to help them feel confident, relax and re-energize.


Chair massage at events is one of our specialities. We can blend seamlessly at your booth on the day. You can also make arrangements for us to wear your corporate colour to help promote your brand and draw prospective clients to your booth to help you generate new business.

- Corporate/ Event Massage Price

$ 70 - $ 120 per hour *

Minimum 2 hours booking *

Special rate is given for large events. The location and duration of the events are taken into consideration.