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Spa Placid Wellness Massage & Nutrition Coaching

We provide you with an experience to feel happy, relax and re-energize. We support and encourage you to indulge in our spectacular wellness concept. Our experienced team will provide you with a high level of service quality and professional conduct. Your satisfaction is important to us.



Our Promotions

- Swedish Massage

40 mins Back, Neck and Shoulder $60

40 mins Back, Neck and Head $60

60 mins Full body $90

90mins $130 full body

- Hot Stone Massage

30 mins for 1 area such as back only $60

45mins hands, shoulder and neck back $75

60 mins full body $95

75 mins full body $115

90 mins $135

- Aromatherapy Hot Stone Massage

60 mins $110 full body

75 mins $125 full body

90 mins $150 full body


Spa Massages

Wake up knowing that we are here for you. Our team will let you feel pampered.


Spa Placid Wellness provides Massage and Nutrition Coaching from our location in downtown Vancouver and mobile services to local clients in Burnaby, New Westminster and Vancouver. Our Nutrition coaching experts' reaches clients all around the world via phone and virtual consultations. We encourage you to breath deep and connect with your inner self, feel relax. We invite and support you to take the step to a healthier lifestyle.

We will support you on your wellness journey

If you experience our service, we can guarantee that it will be a rewarding experience. If your muscles are tense, we will let you feel relax and re-energize with confidence. We will also coach and support you if you are struggling with your weight.





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